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Mrs Barbour's Army lives on

Members in Govan take to the doors of Govan speaking against proposed rent hikes.


Living Rent members have been out with local members in Govan who contacted their union about concerns over proposed rent increases and have been helping local residents ensure that a response to the consultation will be met.


Linthouse housing association have proposed a consultation to tenants in regards to a rent increase, giving the choice of 2.9% or 4%. By proposing pre determined options and the exclusion of a 0% increase is a common tactic used by Associations across the city, it does not take into consideration the loss of money in real terms renters are already facing with the continual rise of inflation that is making wages worth less than what they are.


We sympathise with many social housing associations who have been forced to pick up more of the costs due to local authority cuts to public services, but we believe passing the buck onto renters cannot be justified as it will drive more renters into poverty. Linthouse and the wider Glasgow area have been going through a process of gentrification where the cost of living as a whole has been rising, this will result in long term residents being priced out for more “up market” clientel.

Govan has a rich history of Working class struggle, we call on linthouse housing association to heed the actions of Mary Barbour who is celebrated by the housing association and reverse the increase. 

There was even time for members to check out the local archives on the infamous Rent Strikes and the women who organised them!


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