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Patrick Harvie MSP pens letter of support to Living Rent members.

patrick-harvie-msp.jpgPatrick Harvie list MSP for Glasgow has written a letter in support of Living Rent’s demands that Castle Residential and the of 184a Nithsdale road pay back illegal fees and thousands in illegally collected rent.





Tenants of the property first approached Living Rent looking for advice and help with an extensive rot problem in the property. Our members arrived early for a pre arranged mediation meeting between the tenants, Castle Residential and the Landlord. We were shook by the size and scale of the Dry Rot growths throughout the property and it quickly became known as the ‘Mushroom house’. After a less than productive meeting in which a Landlord who has knowingly forced a young couple to pay nearly £900pm for a damp ridden flat “demanded” respect, we had managed to negotiate the start of remedial works to repair the property and prevent the future spread of the rot.


In the days that followed there was repeated attempts by the landlord and agents of the letting agency to illegally enter the property including in the dark of night, these incidents were reported to the police and warnings issued. However it did not stop the Landlord and Letting agency from repeatedly trying to carry out works under specification whilst making no offer to compensate or accommodate the tenants whilst the highly disruptive works were carried out. This coupled with the repeated attempts to intimidate the tenants whilst refusing to meet with Living Rent in attendance has forced the tenants to withhold their rent. 


Despite countless attempts by ourselves and the tenants to open discussions to resolve the matter and the support from high profile politicians, the landlord and letting agency have resorted to legal action. Govan Law Centre are now acting on behalf of the tenants whilst we keep a close eye on our members should the landlord and letting agency decide to escalate their illegal actions further.


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