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Statement on Serco Ruling

Living Rent, a union of tenants and neighbours who have been directly affected by this ongoing case, are sickened by today’s judgement from the Court of Session.

Last summer when news broke of the proposed lock changes, our members clearly stated that our position as a union is clear: we are against all evictions; we are against homelessness; we are against the victimisation and intimidation of tenants by those who hold power, wealth, and property in their hands.

Since then we have been organising in neighbourhoods across the city to build strength and confidence in our members, supporters, and friends to resist any attempts to evict people in this manner.

We are stronger than we were last year with more members than ever before and we continue to work together with refugees, asylum seekers, and with our partner organisations at Unity Centre and Migrants Organising for Rights and Empowerment.

Together we have helped to build a city-wide campaign composed of thousands of people ready, trained, and willing to prevent these lock changes and mitigate the worst outcomes that will inevitably follow from this decision.

Last year we won major victories that forced the non compliance and support of housing associations, landlords, letting agents, and politicians. We today again urge those with power and influence in these bodies to stand tall and speak loudly with and in support of our neighbours who are seeking asylum in Glasgow.

We reiterate our initial demands and stand prepared to resist all evictions by any and all means necessary, regardless of any attempts to render them legal or otherwise.


We are calling for absolute opposition to forced destitution and homelessness on our streets.

We are calling on all landlords, housing associations, councillors, social services or any other body in Scotland not to accommodate SERCO’s mass eviction policy in any way.

As a tenants’ union and as a union committed to building neighbourhood power, we are calling for a wholescale programme of community engagement in Glasgow, to challenge the hostile environment created by a racist narrative.

We must win the eyes and ears of our neighbourhoods, of the working class people of Glasgow who hold the key to defending their neighbours against this practice.

When Glasgow defeated the dawn raids in the past, it was through the solidarity of working class communities, of solidarity in action. It was through physical resistance to the raids, through watches on the top of tower blocks at 5am every morning, but crucially, through education, agitation, and action.

We will do the same again.

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