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National Consultation Training: Rents Down, Rights up!

National Online training to secure a New Deal for Tenant's - Rents Down, Rights up!
In December 2021, the Scottish Government published its ‘New deal for tenants,’ a strategy document that outlines visions and questions to improve the private and socially rented sector in Scotland.
The document is out for consultation and public response until the 15th of April. This is a key opportunity to push for rent controls, greater security of tenure, better rights and democracy for tenants. It’s crucial for Living Rent to push for this, as landlord and developer lobbies are pushing hard against any further rights for tenants and if we aren’t heard in this consultation, their needs and vision will dominate the debate (and bury rent controls to another era!).

Living Rent members across Scotland are running a 6 week campaign to get 1000s of responses. To do this, the union needs to be well prepared. The training will cover: 
  • Overview of the consultation/legislative process 
  • Content of Living Rent’s answer (focus on rent controls, security, quality, democracy and rights) 
  • Talking points for each of the demands 
  • Admin and follow up after a stall 


March 16, 2022 at 6:30pm - 8pm

Will you come?

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