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Whiteinch members protest further rent increases

Living Rent members stage protest of Housing Association management meeting as they force through a local rent increase.

Living Rent members and Whiteinch residents staged a protest on Wednesday against proposed rent increases. Over thirty members and residents came out to force the management to reconsider their proposals. Through banners, chants and leaflets Living Rent picketed the Whiteinch Centre to disrupt the management meeting within. Members of Whiteinch management were given letters on arrival asking for them to reconsider the proposals. Most were unwilling to talk and ran into the centre avoiding their own tenants. Other residents chatted with Living Rent members and were supportive of the cause. Members from all across Glasgow were present. George Lavery travelled from Govanhill to show support.


“We’re here today to support our fellow members. The proposed rent increases completely disregarded the needs of their tenants and are not based on what people can and should pay but rather what the management think they can get.”


“We’re picketing with some good numbers out on this cold evening. Lots of people are here to show solidarity with this cause and to show that we won’t be pushed around. It's excellent!”



The Whiteinch housing association recently put out a consultation informing residents of the decision with a limited set of options all resulting in a rent increase. Living Rent immediately took on the case to help residents fight back against the unfair hikes. Local member Roslyn was outraged at the proposal.


“We are down here today to let the housing association know that the people of Whiteinch can no longer afford the rent increases they are proposing.”


“There was no alternative on the consultation for no increase, it was either 3.5% or 5%. We stopped a management member whose now told us the rent increase has already been decided which baffles me.”


Rent in Whiteinch has been steadily rising without a clear improvement in housing or services. The out of touch housing association is ignoring its own residents in pursuit of greater revenues.  Shirley Ann, a local resident and member, described her situation.


“The constant increase in rent is getting to the stage where it is well over what people are bringing in wages. I’m paying just under £600 and that’s before the planned increase which is possible over 5%.”


“Hopefully they will review the rent situation. It used to be social living but it’s nowhere near social living housing anymore.”


Living Rent will continue to pursue the case to force Whiteinch Housing Association to drop its rent increases and acknowledge that residents are not able to pay such extortionate rents for social housing.

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