Muirhouse - Edinburgh Council flouts Government hygiene regulations during pandemic

Living Rent Muirhouse has produced the following stark film.  It documents how stairs in a tower block in the scheme are filled with pools of human urine, spattered blood and other viral vectors, and have clearly not been cleaned in some time.  This is especially significant because, at the time of writing, the two lifts which service the block are broken down (a frequent occurrence).

This is clearly a breach of regulations put in place to protect tenants from infection during the pandemic.

Some context
On the 26th of May Housing Minister, Kevin Stewart MSP, published new hygiene regulations for public housing landlords of multi-storey and high density housing.  This was necessary because many landlords had withdrawn cleaning services or were doing little to address the elevant risk of infection to their tenants.

Living Rent strongly welcomed Kevin Stewart's judicious intervention, which supported our demands, with these new regulations.

The full regulations are here.