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Glasgow Sales and Lettings sign Tenant Union agreement to clamp down on Illegal Fees.

Glasgow Sales and Lettings sign Tenant Union agreement to clamp down on Illegal Fees.


Today Glasgow Sales and Lettings signed our collective agreement on illegal premiums, they are the second letting agent to do so and there will be more to come. In Glasgow the practice of letting agents charging premiums to renters, which have been illegal since the late 80's is widespread. Very little or nothing has been done to enforce the law and so the practice continues. This allows them to exploit tenants out of hundreds of pounds, and undercut businesses who obey the law.

In response Living Rent, as well as fighting for our members individually to win them back these premiums, is pushing for all letting agents in Glasgow to sign our collective agreement. The agreement states clearly that nothing other than a deposit and rent may be charged to a new tenant, and stipulates that all costs for referencing, administration, credit checking etc are the responsibility of the letting agents. It also stipulates that agents then found to be charging such premiums will be liable to pay back three times the amount of fees charged, reflecting laws around deposits.

We urge all letting agents in Glasgow to sign the agreement and help stamp out the practice.


You can join the campaign to win more of these agreements across Glasgow by becoming a volunteer campaign here:

Join our Seize the Fees team in Glasgow on Monday the 21st of January as they 'Storm the Castle' to pile the pressure on castle Residential who are refusing to meeting our members despite bags of evidence proving they have charged illegal fees.

More details can be found on our facebook page here.


As a Union all this can only be possible through the hard work of our members, whilst anyone is welcome to take part in our campaigns and actions we can only continue to fight by members joining the union and taking an active role in building it.

You can join today from as little as £3pm!

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