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Old Tynecastle High School: Gorgie Deserves Better.

Why members of Living Rent Gorgie/Dalry are objecting the development of Tynecastle High School by property developers. The Old Tynecastle High School is a B-listed conservation building on Macleod Street in Gorgie. It served as the high school from 1912 until 2009 when the school relocated to a new building across the road. It has been unoccupied since 2009 and, therefore, has fallen into some disrepair. Nevertheless, it remains a handsome building with a lot of character. Long-term residents in Gorgie remember when the school was open and active, a hub for evening and after-school activities. It is located between the North British Distillery on the west, the Hearts Stadium to the south, the West Approach Road on the north, and the new Tynecastle High School and Love Gorgie Farm to the south-east. It could not be more at the heart of the Gorgie community.  (Photo Left: person dressed up as a cow saying 'Students aren't cash Cows' and person right dressed up as a property developer holding fake money) (Image right: lots of people gathered on front of the Old Tynecastle High School holding signs saying 'Love Students, Hate PBSA' 'students deserve better' 'more social housing')  Continue reading

Living Rent is recruiting two organisers and one member defence coordinator

Living Rent is continuing to build membership and power across Scotland. As we grow, we need to expand the staff team, in order to provide greater support for members, outreach, training and campaign wins!This next recruitment round will support membership and branch growth in Edinburgh and Glasgow, but also expand the team to support members in North Lanarkshire (Motherwell and Wishaw) to build their branch. If you would like to be a part of the team, consider applying for one of the roles as they appear advertised below.We are very excited to continue growing our organisation and one of these jobs is for YOU! Continue reading

Our win: rent controls and a crackdown on evictions

On the 20th August, the SNP announced a co-operation deal with the Scottish Greens to form a majority in favour of a second independence referendum. This deal was not confined to the push for Scottish independence and included many other policies that the newly formed government agreed to implement. For us, the co-operation agreement that the new government put forward included huge wins for tenants, the biggest among them: rent controls. Continue reading

Holmlea Primary School: Fuel Poverty Negotiations Update

On August 19th a negotiating team of our members, tenants of Newcastle based social landlord Home Group, living at the former Holmlea Primary School in Cathcart met with Home Group Director Sandra Brydon and CCG Scotland (construction company) Managing Director David Wylie to seek a constructive way forward regarding the dire situation of fuel poverty they have been left in due to the extortionately expensive heating systems installed in their homes. Members were glad that the directors showed reciprocal desire to negotiate in good faith, and all present came to several important mutual agreements. You can bring yourself update to on the campaign so far and read full details of the agreements reached here. Continue reading

Housing justice is Climate justice

As a union, Living Rent recognises the urgency and legitimacy of climate change, and the importance of human action and systemic change in building a sustainable future. As a union, we commit to fight for the provision of high quality, green and affordable housing for all and to fight for climate justice across our campaigns. The statement below outlines our position regarding climate change, and what we commit to doing in order to face collectively this global threat. . Continue reading

More Student Builds Will Help the Community? S1 Pulls a Fast One.

Tynecastle Development: Living Rent Gorgie/Dalry Branch update on their campaign to build affordable social housing in Gorgie instead of expensive student beds which treat students like cash cows.    (Picture source: This Monday, S1 Developments made a press release to the Edinburgh Evening News to commemorate their application to turn the old Tynecastle High School in Gorgie into more purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA). PBSAs are often expensive and poor quality, they drive up local rent prices, and they do nothing to fix the critical shortage of social and affordable housing in our country. For these reasons, our branch has been campaigning hard against this proposal from the beginning, but a wealthy property developer like the Teague Group has the resources to spin it into a great idea that will benefit the community. So, here are our responses to a few of the key claims made in the article: Continue reading

A lack of confidence: why Scottish tenants need rent controls too.

On Monday 21st of June, opposition parties in Sweden’s Riksdag met in central Stockholm and agreed to back a notion of no-confidence in Social Democrat Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. The vote forces Löfven to decide between calling a snap election or resigning from his post. The historic vote was not triggered by any personal scandal with the Social Democrat Party or Löfven himself, but due to the fragile coalition government’s refusal to withdraw legislation that would remove rent controls on new housing. (Getty Images)  Continue reading

Recruitment: Living Rent is recruiting an Edinburgh organiser

Living Rent is hiring! Join our expanding team of organisers in Edinburgh to fight for housing that works for people, support local branches to organise and win! This is a fixed 12 months full time contract at Living Wage.     Continue reading

Eviction Crisis: Living Rent's Demands

As restrictions ease across Scotland, Living Rent are deeply concerned about a wave of evictions due to rent arrears built-up during the pandemic. Although the eviction ban was a welcome policy to protect renters, without additional protections for tenants the ban alone is insufficient and as a result renters have still been evicted through-out the pandemic. The Scottish Government must act now to not only rigidly protect renters from eviction, but from the conditions that threaten them with eviction in the first place.  Continue reading

Four years on: justice for Grenfell

Today marks four years since the country watched in horror as Grenfell Tower burned live on the news. Living Rent  again expresses its full solidarity with the bereaved, survivors and the wider community of Grenfell Tower and their ongoing search for justice. Continue reading