Recruitment: Living Rent is recruiting an Edinburgh organiser

Living Rent is hiring! Join our expanding team of organisers in Edinburgh to fight for housing that works for people, support local branches to organise and win! This is a fixed 12 months full time contract at Living Wage.     Continue reading

Eviction Crisis: Living Rent's Demands

As restrictions ease across Scotland, Living Rent are deeply concerned about a wave of evictions due to rent arrears built-up during the pandemic. Although the eviction ban was a welcome policy to protect renters, without additional protections for tenants the ban alone is insufficient and as a result renters have still been evicted through-out the pandemic. The Scottish Government must act now to not only rigidly protect renters from eviction, but from the conditions that threaten them with eviction in the first place.  Continue reading

Four years on: justice for Grenfell

Today marks four years since the country watched in horror as Grenfell Tower burned live on the news. Living Rent  again expresses its full solidarity with the bereaved, survivors and the wider community of Grenfell Tower and their ongoing search for justice. Continue reading

Summer Training Schedule

Living Rent’s training program: Fighting for the future In 2020, Living Rent doubled in size with neighbourhood branches organising across Edinburgh and Glasgow and groups forming across Scotland. The year 2021 presents us with great challenges,  notably the combined impact of Brexit and the Covid pandemic on our communities, as well as significant opportunities to fight for the future we deserve and need. Supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Living Rent is organising training to support tenants and residents to hone their skills and understandings,  in order to best seize these opportunities. Continue reading

Housing and the Cabinet Reshuffle

In the Scottish Government’s reshuffle announced earlier this week, a new Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government was appointed. Living Rent welcomes Shona Robison and bids farewell to Kevin Stewart. We take a look at the last Housing Minister’s last year and the challenge ahead.   Continue reading

Recruitment: Living Rent is recruiting a remote organiser

Passionate about memberrun organisations? Living Rent is looking for a remote organiser to support its growing membership across Scotland. This position will join and support a growing team of organisers in Scotland with the aim to establish and strengthen branches outwith the areas where there are full-time neighbourhood organisers. This is a fixed 12 months full time contract at Living Wage. Continue reading

GHA tenants organise against rent hike!

On Thursday 25th March, Living Rent members went to the Wheatley Group fancy offices in the city centre with a clear message to Glasgow Housing Association: FREEZE RENTS NOW! Continue reading

Airbnb's "community organising"

New research published at the University of Manchester with Ethical Consumer magazine explores how ‘astroturf’ movements of landlords have been set up all over the world to fend off threats to Airbnb’s business model. The company hired hundreds of "community organisers" since 2014 to set up over 400 ‘Home Sharing Clubs’ in cities all over the world, including in the UK. You can read this important report here, as it outlines how companies use so-called grassroots movements to pursue back room deals and undermine our movement and demands for a city that puts residents and tenants first.   Continue reading

Freeze rents: Hearing back from Dunedin and Canmore tenants

Like the earth rotates on its axis, and tupperware loses its lid, our rents increase year on year. Rent rises seem like a law of nature. But they aren’t. The system that makes people pay a large proportion of their income to rent is made and maintained by people and organisations that could, and should, act differently. Particularly in a pandemic, which has churned up lives and livelihoods like a long, savage, yet monotonous, storm. We need rent freezes in social and public housing.  Continue reading

Defend Glasgow Jobs and Protect Glasgow’s Services!

On Wednesday 17th March, Living Rent members took action to mark one year since over a hundred libraries, gyms, community centres and other local services in Glasgow were closed. Continue reading