Tenants left without basic Cleaning Services by leading Housing Associations across Scotland

Since Scotland began lockdown on 23 March we have been repeatedly told we must do everything we can to ‘stop the spread’, so why have leading housing associations left our most vulnerable tenants without basic cleaning services and where does the buck stop? Continue reading

Housing Action Day 2020

On March 28th, 2020, tenants across Scotland came together, showing the government and landlords that during a global pandemic, they won't be silenced.  Continue reading

Together we stand, together we win

These are uncertain times: we do not know how long the lockdown will last, we fear for our loved ones, and we are being left in the dark regarding our incomes, rents and future. In these moments, seeing people across Scotland stand up for each other and organise for this crisis not to hurt us more has been incredible. You demonstrate every day that in union, there is strength. Shout-out to all of yous who have contacted your MSP to ask for a ban on evictions as well as those of you who have joined local neighbourhood Living Rent groups to organise a response to the pandemic. Every day, we are building power through this crisis and holding our government and our landlords to account, ensuring that our rights and our safety are protected. Continue reading

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Protecting tenants during the pandemic

In March 2020, like so many people across the world, our lives were up-ended by the Covid-19 pandemic.As Scotland and the rest of the UK prepared for lockdown, we knew that tenants across Scotland would be the worst hit and that protection against evictions were direly needed. When staying at home was the best way to stop the spread of the virus, it was essential for homes to be secured. Continue reading

The Scottish Government have NOT banned evictions.

The coronavirus pandemic has placed the spotlight firmly on Scotland’s housing crisis. Hundreds of thousands of tenants across the country have been confronted not just with a health crisis, but a financial one too: as people’s workplaces close their doors, rent becomes unaffordable. That is why Living Rent is calling for an urgent ban on evictions and non-repayable ‘rent holidays’ for all tenants affected by the pandemic.   Continue reading

Tell the Scottish Government to Protect Tenants

Yesterday, the UK government announced a ban on all evictions in England during the coronavirus pandemic. [1] They also announced measures to help tenants who aren’t able to afford their rent. But so far, the Scottish government hasn't made the same commitments. [2] Continue reading

Protect Tenants from Coronavirus

  Read our full statement on the coronavirus and how we are taking measures to protect our members while calling on the Scottish Government to protect tenants across Scotland. Continue reading