Living Rent Celebrates its Glasgow launch.

Nearly 100 tenants and Living Rent members from across Glasgow, crammed into the aptly named Mary Barbour suite. The room in the pearce institute is named after one of Govan’s most famous daughters. Mary Barbour led tens of thousands of Glasgows Women and Men on Rent Strikes durings the WW1 forcing the Government at the time to step in and implement rent controls. Continue reading

Living Rent is hiring!

Living Rent has been funded to bring together tenants from across Edinburgh and give them the confidence to campaign to improve the standard of privately rented housing (PRS), ensuring that they have healthy and secure homes. We are hiring a community organiser to achieve this aim. Continue reading

Scrap the Benefit Cap!

Over 3600 families, and more than 11,000 children are affected by the Tory Benefit Cap in Scotland, which is leading to real hardship, evictions, and homelessness. We are supporting as many families as we can, and are calling on councils and the Scottish Government to scrap the cap, reduce the rents, and stop the evictions. Continue reading

Living Rent halts wrongful eviction of Glasgow mum

Single mum Amanda Gallagher was facing eviction and homelessness after she refused to pay illegal fees to her letting agent. An emergency campaign by Scotland’s tenants’ union Living Rent secured a new home and reimbursed illegal fees for Amanda. Amanda’s case highlights harm caused by continued illegal letting agent practices and need for support for private rented sector tenants Continue reading

Introducing Living Rent’s First Staff Member

Living Rent is proud to be an example of what people can achieve by working together. All our victories to date have been possible because of volunteers who have decided to knock on doors, engage the public, and put pressure on those with power to make change happen. Continue reading

Living Rent announces affiliation to ACORN International

The Living Rent board is proud to announce that Living Rent, Scotland’s Tenant’s Union, is joining the ACORN International family of organisations. Founded in the 70s by legendary organiser Wade Rathke, ACORN started out in the united states organising low and middle income communities to fight for change and immediate improvements in their neighbourhood.  This model caught on and now ACORN is an international organisation representing tens of thousands of members. Continue reading

Living Rent's 2016 round up: Happy New Year!

As 2016 comes to a close it's hard to deny that this year has been one of turbulence, upheaval and instability. For those of us living in privately rented housing, lack of stability, uncertainty and upheaval can be all too close to home. Continue reading

Living Rent is hiring an organiser

Living Rent has achieved a lot over its short time, and now we are going to hire a staff member to support and expand our work. What we’ve already made happen in 2016 is pretty damn good. The new laws we’ve fought for and won will mean that in 2017: Landlords can no longer evict their tenants with no reason; Tenants aren’t trapped into long leases when their circumstances change; Councils will have the power to implement rent controls for the first time in decades. Continue reading

Living Rent holds first AGM as a tenant's union

On Saturday 8th October Living Rent - Scotland’s private tenants’ union – held its first AGM. Gathered in the Mary Barbour suite of Govan’s Pearce Institute, the link to the rent strikes of Glasgow’s past was an echo throughout the day. In stories of tenants resisting evictions in Bristol; in lively discussions about building branches across Scotland, and in the banner on the far wall which read: "Stability – check; Flexibility – check; Rent controls… let’s finish the job" – a sentiment I think Mary Barbour and her army of tenants could get behind. Continue reading

Living Rent set to hold founding conference and AGM

Following our launch as Scotland's Tenants Union earlier this year, Living Rent is excited to announce our inaugural conference and AGM which will take place at the Pearce institute on the 8th of October from 12:30- 17:00 in the aptly named 'Mary Barbour Suite'. The afternoon will be an opportunity to discuss current issues in housing, and decide the priorities for Living Rent over the coming year. Continue reading